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Simple waterproofing products and systems are no longer a match for the challenges that today's design and quality requirements place upon them. Increased complexity in design combined with the high requirements set by local authorities, consultants, contractors and clients demand Waterproofing Systems that are flexible, effective and robust.
All construction, especially the foundation must be protected against moisture ingress and leakage. The impact of failure in a product or its installation can be broad ranging and costly, not only could the buildings structure be destroyed, but the health of the occupants of the building could also be at risk.
No matter where you find the impact of moisture in residential or industrial buildings, structural or civil engineering, AquaTech offers the perfect Waterproofing Solution to prevent the penetration of water in any form.water
AquaTech's are experts in Waterproof Membrane Systems with a range of high quality Waterproofing Solutions that have been created to adapt to the design complexities and technical requirements of the most challenging projects.
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